The Experienced Prodigy Lending Team For Your Home Loan In Edroy, TX

Prodigy Lending is undeniable the best private home loan company in the United States. We have been to the mortgage industry for over 17 years with the last eight years being the top workplace in the US. It has always been our objective to create great relationship with our customers as we look forward to providing unmatched services. Customers get unmatched services that meet their circumstances and anticipation. The charges are quite low and come in different packages which include 30 years fixed mortgage rate in Edroy. Our home loan experts will guide each client towards identifying the best home loan. product which includes the following;

Standard Home Loans

Standard home loans are an excellent option for those borrowers with an exceptional credit score. They came in different loan terms which are quite flexible for the home buyer. The buyer gets to choose 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30-year loan term. The mortgage cost is low since there are no lender fees and the PMI required is reduced. Additionally, the down payment is only 3% with small interest rates which makes it attractive to those wishing to purchase homes. 

VA Home Loans

The VA home loans are government approved and are meant to help the veterans realize the dream of homeownership. Borrowers are given 100% financing with this option, and they do not have to acquire a PMI. We have flexible qualifying criteria for this loan, and the closing cost is significantly reduced. The charges on VA home loans are also attractive and are based on the current mortgage interest rates in Edroy.

FHA Home Loans

FHA has different programs, including rehab mortgages for those borrowers who wish to make home renovation. We give attractive mortgage rates with a significantly low down payment of only 3.5%. Give an increased debt to income ratio it makes it easier for many to qualify.

USDA Home Loans

Homebuyers who can obtain low mortgage insurance get 100% financing under USDA home loans. The homebuyer must meet the home location and income requirements for them to benefit from USDA loans. The mortgage rates on these loans are also quite low, and the general mortgage cost is decreased since there is no down payment required.

We are guided by the principle of confidentiality and the data given to us is treated with the utmost secrecy. This virtue has earned us trust across the lending industry. We are open to our customers, and they can call us anytime, and qualified personnel will be ready to attend to you at any time. Our online platform is also available where customers can get their queries answered and obtain a quotation quote free of charge. 

If you are seeking to refinance your mortgage, purchase a new or second home and consolidate debt check with us today for competitive today’s interest rate in Edroy. 



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